Saturday, November 10, 2012


Mommy, Abigail, and Shoshana
Shoshana had to wait several more days, but finally an ICU bed was available for her, and her tracheostomy procedure went forward.  The procedure was successful, and the only surprise was the discovery that, though her vocal cords seem to have recovered significantly, there was unexplained swelling and scar tissue just beneath them. 

Sisters playing

She likes to hug her sister

Roughhousing (before the trach)
In the days leading up to the procedure, Shoshana's appetite disappeared almost completely, and she started throwing up quite a bit.  She would want to eat, and hold food in her hand, but never take a bite.  The nausea is still unexplained, but it may be due to an infection or irritation in her throat.  She is still not eating anything, though very occasionally she will ask for food.  If she were actively on chemo, it might account for the nausea, but she is not.

Showing Abigail the new trach

Abigail helping me move Shoshana's things to the ICU
Shoshana was moved out of the ICU onto a medical floor, where she is able to move around quite a bit more.  Her leg muscles have deteriorated again to the point where she can barely stand, and cannot walk.  

Snuggle time with Mommy

Playing on Mommy's phone
She is due to start chemo again this Monday or Tuesday.  They are going to change her from a targeted antibiotic to a more broad spectrum one, in hopes that that will clear up whatever has been irritating her throat and causing her to spit up all of the time.

She has been on various different combinations of anti-nausea medications, but so far, nothing seems to help very much.

We have had a couple of consultations with Northwest Natural Health regarding Shoshana's care.  They have given us a few good ideas to improve her care, as well as serving as an expert eye when it comes to interactions between chemo medications and other supplements (or, in our case, antioxidant-rich fruit and veggie juices). 

Daddy is here for the weekend
Shoshana has struck up a particular rapport with the older sister of one of our previous roommates, also named Abigail.  She paid her a visit last night.


Please continue to be praying:
  • For Shoshana's leukemia, that it would be effectively treated, and go away, never to return.  That she would recover fully and completely.
  • For Shoshana, as she deals with the nausea, recovers from her deteriorated muscles, and not being able to speak very much or very clearly with the tracheostomy.  She is currently able to speak short phrases out loud if she pushes hard past her trach.  Other than that, we have been lip reading, and she has learned a few signs.
  • For Elizabeth, Kristen, and me, as we care for her and Abigail, and attempt to also care for ourselves and each other.
We are so thankful for those who have been giving us meals, and volunteering to care for Abigail when the three of us can't, or to enable Elizabeth and me to go out on a date while Kristen is at the hospital with Shoshana.