Monday, July 8, 2013

Shoshana Is Four

Life continues to happen around here.  Shoshana's original birthday party had to be postponed because she came down with a case of shingles and spent a week (including her birthday) in the hospital.

The "maintenance" phase of Shoshana's chemo has been otherwise blessedly uneventful.  We are now working with a new home care nursing agency, and they more able to fill the shifts, although they are still spinning up the day shift, and we have had a few nights without a nurse.

We held Shoshana's party this weekend.  Elizabeth wrote a post about the party on the farm blog.

Meanwhile, the girls got to be in a friend's wedding, and their new baby cousin was born!

The night nurse decorated Shoshana's room while she slept.


This was the rehearsal.  I was too busy to take pictures during the wedding.

There's that tongue...

...and then this happened.

Cousin Kora