Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shoshana's Leukemia Journey So Far


I created this blog so that our story with Shoshana and her Leukemia diagnosis could be told uninterrupted by other life events that will inevitably occur, and be discussed on my main blog (or my more techy blog), and also as a space to allow other authors, such as my wife Elizabeth, to write posts from time to time.

Here are the previous blog entries that I have posted on my other blog:
There is also a post I wrote to introduce this blog: Shoshana: New Blog
As you can see, I've been posting a comprehensive summary every two weeks or so, as best I can.  I intend to continue to do that, as well as fill in the gaps with shorter content.  I may occasionally link from here to posts on other blogs, or content on other social networks, but I will try to maintain this as a cohesive whole.


  1. Thank you for providing these updates, we signed up to follow you on Google Reader. We like to know how to pray for you all. Shoshana is often on our hearts and in our prayers.

  2. Thanks for the update. Special prayers for His comfort and courage, and especially that your marriage relationship will be strengthened and deepened. Dancing sounded like a brilliant idea! Beck's Mom Lois

  3. Thank you for taking the time to keep the rest of us updated. We understand how consuming it must be just living your life right now! Shoshana is in our prayers daily and in frequent conversations especially with Claire, our four-year-old, who has begun to feel such compassion and closeness with a girl she has never met. Love to you all, Mimi


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