Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Shoshana is officially in remission!  Praise the Lord.  We are not out of the woods yet, but this is very good news.

She had a bone marrow test, and they were not able to find any leukemia blasts in the sample.  Leukemia is probably still hiding away somewhere in her body, however, and she has a long road of at least two years of chemotherapy ahead of her, to ensure that all of it gets killed.  In other words, now that the cancer is down, it's time to kick it in the face:  over and over, for a long time.

Nevertheless, unless she goes into relapse, the worst of the treatment is behind us.

Praise the Lord again!  Shoshana was able to stay home for Christmas.  She was in the hospital for a round of intense chemo, came home December 20th, and is scheduled to be admitted again for another similar round on Monday, December 31st.  This cycle will repeat itself a total of four times, before moving along to the next phase of chemotherapy.

Specific items for prayer:
  • Praise for answered prayer!  Shoshana is in remission, and had a very merry Christmas together at home with her family.
  • That Shoshana's leukemia will not stage a comeback; that it will be truly wiped out.
  • As she continues treatment, that she will be able to tolerate the effects of the drugs she is taking, and that they will not cause further damage.  
While Shoshana is at home with us, we have been provided with nursing care for 16 hours a day.  This means that Elizabeth and I can sleep during the night, without getting up to administer medication, or if equipment is alarming, or she throws up.  It also enables us to care for Shoshana's trach and medications as well as her and Abigail.

Shoshana is still able to swallow only very small amounts of (soft) food, and can only drink thickened liquids, in small amounts.  We continue to give her the home-made formula, as well as pumped milk from Elizabeth.


  1. Our times are in His hands. Sometimes it's easier when it affects ourselves, and not our little ones. But I'm learning to trust His love along this pathway.


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