Saturday, January 26, 2013


Oh, wow, it's been a month since I updated here last!

It's been so nice to have Shoshana at home.  We have had several all-day clinic appointments, a short (scheduled!) hospital stay, and a few trips to the emergency room, but compared to the last few months, it was downright normal and relaxing.  We even made it to church together a few times.

We have home nursing care at night, and during the day most days (except Sundays and every other Saturday).  This enables Elizabeth and I to sleep at night (in the same bed!).  It's been great to have the girls together.  They love to be with each other, and Abigail especially misses Shoshana being in her room at night when she's gone.  Abigail is walking now.

Shoshana's neuropathy pain is still an issue, even on the lower doses of vincristine.  Over the past two weeks or so, it has been getting worse.  Last night, after a clinic appointment in the morning, and a lumbar puncture in the afternoon (with a trip to the Children's Museum in between--her first trip to anywhere but the hospital or church since diagnosis!), she woke up from her evening nap in extreme pain, and spiked a fever.  Liz and I brought her in to the emergency room.  They are increasing her pain meds (again), and she seems to be doing okay this afternoon.

She is due to be admitted to the hospital for another round of IV chemo anyway, and would have been earlier this week, but her blood counts were not high enough to start the chemo.  Her blood counts are high enough today, but with all that's going on, they want to see her sustain that for another day before staring the round.  If not, we will have to go home, come in to the clinic on Monday, and then be admitted on Tuesday.  Bouncing back and forth between home and the hospital is no fun for anyone.

Specific items for prayer:
  • That Shoshana's neuropathy pain will resolve quickly.  
  • That the hospital stay and IV chemo will go smoothly.
  • That Shoshana will remain in remission from cancer.  Forever.
  • Please continue to pray for our family: nuclear, extended, and our much bigger family of supportive friends.  I praise the Lord for all He provides!
 I know you all just visit this blog for the pictures, so here you go:

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  1. Thanks for posting all this when your life is on super-drive!


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